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The Importance of Computer Diagnostics

Modern heavy-duty diesel trucks rely heavily on computer systems to control various subsystems, including the engine, brakes, and steering. With so many complex systems at play, it's essential to have reliable computer diagnostic tools and services to ensure you capture issues before they become larger problems.

In addition to identifying current issues, regular diagnostic checks can also help prevent future problems by allowing us to spot areas of concern before they escalate. By detecting and addressing potential issues early on, we can help extend the lifespan of your truck and save you money on costly repairs down the line.

Our computer diagnostic services cover a wide range of fault codes. With our expertise and experience, we can diagnose and repair any issue, from minor sensor malfunctions to more complex problems affecting multiple systems.

Our ECU Repair Service

The engine control unit (ECU) is a critical component of your truck's onboard computer system, responsible for regulating fuel injection, power distribution, and other vital functions. When the ECU system malfunctions, it can cause a range of issues, from engine performance problems to complete breakdowns.

At Elite Truck & Fleet Service, we understand that replacing an ECU system can be costly and time-consuming, which is why we strive to provide efficient and affordable repair services. With our expertise and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, we can quickly identify and address any issues affecting your truck's ECU system, getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

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Want to get ahead of your fleet’s maintenance and repair needs? Bring your fleet to our shop for all-inclusive diagnostics and electrical repair service.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Courteous, professional staff that kept me updated throughout repairs. Excellent process for texting/emailing estimates. And wow, great customer service - owner Dustin delivered my truck to me himself on a weekend, with all repairs completed. Highly recommend.

Nancy Wilochka

I had a great experience here.   The staff is friendly.  Their pricing and business practices are reasonable and fair.   The mechanics (Dustin) are knowledgeable.   They quickly diagnosed my issue, ordered a part and had my car fixed within a few days and kept me informed throughout the process again thank you so much Dustin and he’s team members

Shiferaw Deme

Great shop and people! I was very glad to find this shop cause they were able to fix the mechanical issue of my box truck (truck didnt start due to bad injector seal) that other shops around were not able to. I definitely recommend this shop to any truckers in the area. Dustin is a great  person to deal with. His knowledge and experience is incredible and will help to keep your fleet running! Thank you, Elite Truck & Bus Center!

Admin VanGuard Moving Express

If you want the work done right I recommend taking your car here. Dustin took care of me and my car is up and running again like new! With the amount of work my car needed they had the work done faster then I thought they would. Definitely 5 stars!!!

Morgan Joyner

Dustin knew I was having issues with my AC on my Supra and was able to squeeze me in around my schedule. Once I got there, Luis went through a thorough diagnostic of my AC unit and saw there was a leak somewhere in the system. He recharged my AC and had me on my way! Elite was definitely a huge help. Thank you so much again!

Ray A

Have been looking for a good place take my truck for a while now and glad I ran across Elite Truck & Bus. Dustin was very professional from the jump, customer service was on point and very straightforward on pricing which is appreciated. Definitely would recommend these guys they do great work. Hopefully I don't see you soon lol but if do need work  I'll be headed Elite Truck & Bus.

Henny Bennett

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